Formed by an exclusive group of specialists and highly skilled professionals, covering all research and marketing areas in Central America and Dominican Republic.


Erick Archila
Director and Founding Partner with 19 years of experience in Market Research in Central America and the Caribbean. He’s a Business Administrator Graduate from the Rafael Landivar University in Guatemala and counts with ample training of seminars in Market Research and Information Analysis throughout the continent. For 8 years he occupied the Regional Research Manager position in Philip Morris and Kraft Foods. He currently teaches Market Research courses at the ISTMO University and for the Guatemalan Ad Agency Union

Sergio Dueñas
Project Director and Founding Partner with 25 years of experience in Marketing and Market Research.

A Business Administration Graduate from the Rafael Landivar University in Guatemala and has received many advanced seminars in Management and Marketing in the US and Central America. Has 14 years of direct market research experience and has managed leading brands for Phillip Morris and for Central Distribuidora. In addition, he has been a Marketing Consultant for several local companies, he’s currently a member of the Advertising Effectiveness Effie Awards jury and member of the Nomination Committee of Guatemala Great Brands (Marketin Hall of Fame). Also, a frequent cooperator for the UGAP column at El Periodico.

Margarita de Alonso
She’s a Business Administrator with ample experience in qualitative study development. She has more than18 years of experience in market research performing in Customer Service positions and continues strengthening her skills in focus group moderation and qualitative analyses.

Fieldwork Team

ConsuMer has supervisors and interviewers with ample experience in data compilation. All Field Team members are school graduates and college students.